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Can God stop being God?  No, because it is in God’s nature to be God. This applies to the pope as well.

Here is what we mean.  On July 18, 1870, at a Council at the Vatican, the Church promulgated the Constitution on the Church called “Paster Eternus, the Eternal Pastor”.  In this document, the pope was defined as the Vicar of Christ, who held universal jurisdiction over the entire church throughout the world, and therefore, was Infallible when teaching on matters of faith and morals.  In a sense, the pope became God on earth, or God’s Vicar on Earth.

So, we ask the question again? Can God stop being God?  No, and neither can the pope stop being the “Vicar of God” on earth.  Therefore, the pope can’t resign.  If the pope does resign, then, he is, by his resignation, denying “Paster Eternus”, “universal jurisdiction”,” infallibility”, and the “Vicariate of Christ.” This is exactly what Pope Benedict XVI’s resignation is really all about.

You see, since the time of Pope John XXIII, the popes have been seeking a way to rid themselves of the decrees of Vatican I (1870). This is necessary so that the New Roman Catholic Church, the Church of Vatican II (1962-65) could merge itself “ideologically” to a “novus ordor seculorum” and uphold political correctness of the new world government.

Now, there is in fact, no more Roman Catholic Church.  By the way, the term Roman was added to the name of the church after Vatican Council I to emphasis the authority of the Church of Rome.

OH!  I know there is a corporate enterprise that calls itself The Roman Catholic Church; but, religiously it is no longer Roman Catholic, at least not in the sense of Vatican Council I (1870).  What is left, is simply a CEO of a large business organization who can resign like any body else.  There is nothing religiously special in the papacy.

But, if the papacy and hierarchy wanted to change all this why not just be up front about it?  Simple! They had to keep the money coming into the pockets of the church. If the change came too quickly, then, the ignorant “faithful” would have objected.  Actually, some of them did but since the criminal hierarchy controlled the institution no one believed them.  They were dismissed as kooks.

There is one more thing.  Anyone who objects to this essay because “other popes” resigned in the past is incorrect.  There was no Vatican Council I before 1870 and therefore no dogmas of “Universal Jurisdiction”, “Infallibility”, and “Vicariate of Christ”.  In short, before 1870, there were only powerful bishops of Rome not God-like Popes.


Is Pope Francis the last pope?  To understand this we need a little background.  The word pope comes from papa, a term that means father, and it was use by the early bishops of the ancient city of Rome. This, however, is not what we mean when we ask is Pope Francis the last pope.

What we mean is the definition of the papacy as canonized in “The Eternal Pastor”, the Apostolic Constitution of the Church promulgated on July 18, 1870 by the First Vatican Council in Rome.  This document defined the pope as the Vicar of Christ, the head of ALL Government, the judge from whom there is no appeal, the ordinary of all churches, and Infallible when defining matters of faith and morals.  This is the definition of the Pope we are referring to when we ask about Pope Francis.

Pope Benedictus XVI took three actions which rejected the decree “The Eternal Pastor”. First, he agreed that the European Union Criminal Court of Justice in Luxemburg would have jurisdiction over the Vatican.  This violates the provision that the pope is above ALL Government.  Second, he declared that bishops are not his employees.  This violated the provision that he was the “ordinary” (true bishop) of every diocese in the world.  Third, he abdicated his thrown.  As the Vicar of Christ the pope just can not say he doesn’t want to be Christ’s Vicar anymore than Christ can get down off the Cross.  These three actions on his part renounced and rejected the decrees of the first Vatican Council of 1870. As such, there are no more popes only “Bishops of Rome” that are called “pope”.

Now, Pope Francis I is just presiding over the final demise of the church.  You see, he is now attempting to amalgamate the catholic faith with non – Christian religion. Why? Simply because the “money lenders” have taken control and want a one world religion to bolster a one world government. So, yes, Pope Francis is the last pope.