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Can God stop being God?  No, because it is in God’s nature to be God. This applies to the pope as well.

Here is what we mean.  On July 18, 1870, at a Council at the Vatican, the Church promulgated the Constitution on the Church called “Paster Eternus, the Eternal Pastor”.  In this document, the pope was defined as the Vicar of Christ, who held universal jurisdiction over the entire church throughout the world, and therefore, was Infallible when teaching on matters of faith and morals.  In a sense, the pope became God on earth, or God’s Vicar on Earth.

So, we ask the question again? Can God stop being God?  No, and neither can the pope stop being the “Vicar of God” on earth.  Therefore, the pope can’t resign.  If the pope does resign, then, he is, by his resignation, denying “Paster Eternus”, “universal jurisdiction”,” infallibility”, and the “Vicariate of Christ.” This is exactly what Pope Benedict XVI’s resignation is really all about.

You see, since the time of Pope John XXIII, the popes have been seeking a way to rid themselves of the decrees of Vatican I (1870). This is necessary so that the New Roman Catholic Church, the Church of Vatican II (1962-65) could merge itself “ideologically” to a “novus ordor seculorum” and uphold political correctness of the new world government.

Now, there is in fact, no more Roman Catholic Church.  By the way, the term Roman was added to the name of the church after Vatican Council I to emphasis the authority of the Church of Rome.

OH!  I know there is a corporate enterprise that calls itself The Roman Catholic Church; but, religiously it is no longer Roman Catholic, at least not in the sense of Vatican Council I (1870).  What is left, is simply a CEO of a large business organization who can resign like any body else.  There is nothing religiously special in the papacy.

But, if the papacy and hierarchy wanted to change all this why not just be up front about it?  Simple! They had to keep the money coming into the pockets of the church. If the change came too quickly, then, the ignorant “faithful” would have objected.  Actually, some of them did but since the criminal hierarchy controlled the institution no one believed them.  They were dismissed as kooks.

There is one more thing.  Anyone who objects to this essay because “other popes” resigned in the past is incorrect.  There was no Vatican Council I before 1870 and therefore no dogmas of “Universal Jurisdiction”, “Infallibility”, and “Vicariate of Christ”.  In short, before 1870, there were only powerful bishops of Rome not God-like Popes.


“The Son of Man shall send forth his angels, and they shall gather out of his kingdom all things that offend, and them which do iniquity; and shall cast them into a furnace of fire; there shall be a wailing and gnashing of teeth.” (Matt. 13:41-42)

The Church didn’t fail you. You failed the Church.

            I was talking to a Roman Catholic friend of mine and he was complaining that his wife was disenchanted with the church and that she doesn’t attend mass anymore.  He also told me he was “upset with the priest sex scandal” and that the “church has failed us”.

Can you actually believe these remarks!  Think about this.  The church continues the ministry of Christ. So, how can Christ fail Himself? What really is going on is that the hierarchy, the bishops, cardinals, and the pope, have sinned and failed in their obligation to Christ and His people.  But this is not the failure of the church.

You see you are the church. The reason the hierarchy has failed is because the so called “faithful”, have failed.  You failed the church. You didn’t do your job. You failed to hold the priests, the bishops, the cardinals, and yes, the pope himself, to a high standard of integrity and righteousness.  This is your failure.

Catholics are supposed to be Christians and required to live by faith and walk in the light of Christ.  That means that when you see, or hear, or otherwise learn about a priest, nun, or bishop doing something criminal you MUST TAKE ACTION.  If you don’t then you SHARE IN THEIR CRIMES.

What does this mean?  It means that you don’t circle the wagons and defend the clergy when they molest children or commit criminal acts.  You must insist that these criminals be punished. The church of Christ is just and justice requires punishment.

Here is an example.  In Utica, N.Y. a priest was forced to resign as pastor of a large church because he gambled away over ½ million dollars. Some of this money was taken from parish funds and some came from senior citizens. He has not been punished.  He must be defrocked as a priest and turned over for criminal prosecution. This case must not be handled as an “internal matter’. This priest also owes a public apology to the parish and the community.  Many people knew about this priest and did NOTHING.

Do not think that this is a solitary case.  There is a culture of moral turpitude among the clergy of the Roman Catholic Church that extends from the parish all the way to the Vatican.  There are many examples. Here are a few of them from 2012.

In January, a report produced by a Dutch church commission on priest sex abuse announced that between 1945 and 2010 upwards of 20,000 orphan boys were sexually molested by RC priests and the whole mess was covered –up by the Dutch RC bishops.

In March, a BBC documentary reported that from 1936 through the mid-1990s that the RC nuns in Spain sold 300,000 babies born to unwed mothers on the black market.  This was done with the full knowledge and agreement of the hierarchy of Spain.

Pope Benedict even had his butler arrested because he released information to the news media about the clergy in the curia that administered maintenance contracts and were getting “kick-backs”. Even the Vatican bank was investigated for money laundering.

Now, Pope Francis may be complicit in the “dirty war” of the Argentine military dictatorship. The list never ends and will not end until people stand-up against this evil.

What’s worse is that the church was warned.  A man from Utica, Mr. Charles Grestl, wrote a letter to Pope John XXIII with a warning about the danger to orphans and the failures of the clergy. He never received a response. Blessed Charles, as we call him, was a deeply pious man and mystic who claimed that Christ gave him the warning.  We studied his letter and wrote about him in our book.

Get a copy of our book and read it. You will discover that Christ defends the church.  The letter of Charles Grestl to Pope John XXIII is proof. Stop complaining that the church failed you. You failed the church.

Please! Become one of God’s angels and take action, now. Here is how: 1) Get a copy of our book and read it; 2) ask hard questions of your clergy; 3) Demand that the clergy live by the highest moral standards. Don’t let them get away with moral decadence.

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